Press Release

Middle East Electricity 2012
Hall 4, Stand E10

Perkins generates exciting options for key power nodes

Perkins is launching a brand new range of diesel engines for the electric power market at Middle East Electricity 2012. Designed to meet key market nodes, the new line up fills the gap between the company's current 1300 and 2000 Series ranges.

The 1600 Series ElectropaK family comprises a range of full authority electronic control, turbocharged, air-to-air charge-cooled engines that have been developed to provide prime and standby power in a clean and cost-effective fashion with special emphasis placed on improved power density, reliability and robustness.

The six cylinder, 9.3 litre range offers outputs up to 300kVA (240 kWe) prime power and 330 kVA (264 kWe) standby power at 1500 rpm – both key nodes - though the intention is to release a 350kVA (280kWe) standby version later in the year.

Engines with ElectropaK specification are supplied fully fitted with suitable radiators, charge coolers, air cleaners, pipes, hoses and mounting feet so providing a fully engineered turnkey package that can be integrated directly with generating sets.

For OEMs and genset packagers the key benefits include the combination of higher power density and load acceptance, which effectively means that the 1600 Series can achieve outputs normally associated with much bigger displacement engines, while offering a space saving opportunity during installation.

The tropical radiator, which is fitted as standard, ensures that there is high ambient clearance at even the highest temperatures, making it suitable for applications such as supersound canopies.

With little or no derate the unit can produce its maximum output virtually anywhere in the world. Its global acceptability has also been enhanced through the simultaneous launch of versions for both non-regulated and EU IIIa territories. This versatility has been further increased with the inclusion of switchable models which both reduces parts inventory and supports the needs of the rental market.

Built for durable and economic use, its operating and maintenance costs are reduced thanks to its frugal consumption of fuel – around 200g/kWhr - while whole life costs are enhanced by the 500 hours service intervals and Perkins standard warranty.