Technical & Training

Technical support services of PSG will include:

Distributor Service Capability

Service Technician capability development through continuous contact, coaching and mentoring

  • Tooling audit and updates
  • Issue of Electronic Tool Licences
  • Workshop facility development
  • Leveraging of Best Practices and maintenance of Perkins L3 Standards

For Global OEM (Policy 1, 2)

Single point of contact for all OEM issues relating to As-Delivered Quality and reliability across the region


Primary contact for Warranty Consultations and Failure Analysis discussions and adjudication

Complex Technical Support

Support for technical issues which are both complex in nature and/or where the number of events are multiple

  Training Requirement form  


Through its Regional Training Centre, PSG will strive to transfer technical knowledge and information to ensure service quality and diagnosis of the highest standards

Training opportunities provided by PSG will include:

For Global OEM (Policy 1, 2) and OEM Dealer

OEM and Customer Service Technician capability development through customised L1 and L2 Training enabling them to be self reliant in handling minor troubleshooting and all routine maintenance

For Distributors

Perkins approved training programs for Distributor personnel enabling them to meet L3 standards and deliver product support excellence